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Lets deal with some common questions:

Q: Images: Should I download or use URL links from my dropshipper?

This depends on your product. In some industries like food and fashion, images change a lot. So if you download them then your responsible for keeping them uptodate and this is a huge undertaking. If you use URL links then as your dropshipper updates the images then you will naturally obtain these.

Q: Shipping: Should I blind dropship?

Blind dropshipping is where your name is on the shipping label going to your customer. This is a must as it is your name being advertised and not that of your dropshipper. Some dropshippers try and get around this with generic name/address labels (eg. warehouse 1), but this doesnt help you build brand loyalty.

Q. Should I pay for dropshipping?

All dropshippers have fees to cover. Many put their costs in product prices which means the prices are overinflated and tough to sell. The more reputable dropshippers acknowledge their fees upfront and either set a cost per order or they do fixed monthly or yearly fee. If you plan to sell a lot of product then fixed pricing will always be your friend. For example, Bangalla charges a fixed $12.95/month for its service. So regardless if you do 1 order or 1000 the fee doesnt charge. Compare this to someone paying $2 per order and the price difference is amazing.

Q. Should I trust dropship source websites?

Well it depends. Many of these so called independent websites get paid by dropshipping companies so you never sure truth from fiction. So always do your own homework. You dont need to pay a third party to tell you who to go to - a bit of web searching on your chosen product area will highlight the leaders.

Q. Price are cheap on some dropship websites are they real?

There are many counterfeit product dropshippers in the US sourcing product from overseas. You run a huge risk selling these items even though you may make a nice margin. US regulators are actively searching the web for sites selling counterfeits and they have the power to close down your domain overnight. So the key here is to do your homework, know where your dropshipper products come from, and try before you buy.

Q. What is the best product to dropship?

This depends on your passion and what type of business you want. Some product categories are more picked over than others. So look for niches that others may not have considered. Food and organic items offer lots of niches where good margins can be found. Dropshipping isnt about having 50,000 items to sell and hoping one does sell, it is about research and picking the right products.

Q. Who is Bangalla?

Right you should ask. Bangalla Organic is a leader in the dropshipping of organic food and healthy items. We have been dropshipping and providing online services to online merchants for over 7 years. Bangalla dropships over 15,000 organic products across the US/Canada. So if you are interested in drop shipping of food lines then please contact us for more details.

Good luck with your dropship adventures and your online sales!

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